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Saturday, September 24, 2005

A German, and a Riyadhite.. Ahlan wa Sahlan to you both!

It is with great honor that I introduce two new fascinating blogs:

The first of a German lady (oh the Deutsche, my personal favorites!) who is surprisingly happily married to a Saudi man. Yes, she is happy, despite what the media had warned her of. Despite his chauvinism, his sexism, his downright Saudiness, and of course most important of all, the royal pet peeve of the Abayah (which she, by the way, loves!)
Her blog is humorously entitled "Not without my cat" (in refrence to the tired "Not without my Daughter" saga) and through out her blog, there are mentionings of Her Furry Majesty's take on Saudi Arabia. It is a witty, adorable and irrisistable blog. Check it out.

The second of a cultured Riyadhite. In it he records his observations, his dreams, his aspirations for his beloved Riyadh in a most sophisticated Arabic manner. I applaud him for writing it in his native language, for that is scarcely found in today's world of English imperialism (hehe, I know, too big a word,but you know what I mean)
Riyadhawi, I personally enjoyed your outlooks on everything. Keep up the good work!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Where are you W?

Does anybody have any information regarding what's happened to our friendly neighborhood bloggerette, W?
If so, please leave a comment.
Thank You.