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Monday, February 27, 2006

Riyadh Bloggers Meetup

This is an invitation for all bloggers in Riyadh to attend the coming meetup that will be held this weekend. Be there.

Time: Thursday March 2, 2006. Starting at 20:00.
Place: Dr. Cafe, King Abdullah Road.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

CALLING all Saudi bloggers..

If you are Saudi and run a blog, and you are not listed in the blogroll to the right, leave a comment here.

~Thank you

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bloggers Meetup in Jeddah

After the first Saudi bloggers meetup that Al-Mohareb organized in Riyadh last week, Fouad Al-Farhan is calling for a meetup in Jeddah. If you are interested in attending the meetup, leave a comment at Al-Farhan's weblog. The date and place to be decided later.

On a related note, I was thinking about a meetup for the eastern province bloggers, but only a little number of bloggers said they would come, so the idea was delayed for now. Happy Eid, everyone.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Calls for First Saudi Bloggers Meet Up

To tell the truth, I have been thinking about this for some time, but being the lazy person that I am; I have been procrastinating and delaying it. However, some one has to do it, and thank God this one is a person that we all like and respect.

Fahad Al-Mohareb, one of the first Saudi bloggers, has called for the first Saudi bloggers meet up. The meet up will be held in Riyadh, and several bloggers have confirmed to come. The time and location will be announced later, and according to the Saudi style, it will be for males only. There are speculations about different meet ups in different parts of the kingdom, and about having a similar event for female bloggers.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

So many blogs, so little time..

I don't have the time to write reviews about each and every new Saudi blog, especially since we've come upon a whole lot over the weekend, so I'll just briefly mention the new additions instead. I will describe it using just one word:

Green Tea: comforting.

Ahmed: youthful, fervent.

Raed's Falsafat Bedoun Salfah: DOWN RIGHT HILARIOUS...(highly recommend it)

Serendipity: promising

SSDD: girlie, very cute.

Yousef Rabbah's Weblog: sophisticated

7nish Kblish: sincere, sometimes hysterical.. ;-)

Independent Thoughts: refreshingly informative.

The Perfect Body: Facts, Myths, and a Can of Tuna: educational... (warning, may be depressing to some.)

Unconcious Logic: witty.

At Random: creative, funny (randomleh yet ratha routinleh?) lol.

Facts and Ideas: entertaining.

UPDATE: The Voices of My Head: adorable, witty.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What This Was All About

When ISU blocked Blogger last week, I was not the only angry one. However, this time, I have decided that it won't be like the previous times. In the past, when they blocked the Blogger and BlogSpot domains, we could not do much because there were not many Saudi bloggers. It is different this time. Now, we have a growing community, and we would not remain silent. This time, I've decided that I won't let them get away with it.

I was going to break the news to international organizations and media outlets. A dear friend of mine asked me to wait because it could be a mistake. I waited for 24 hours, and then, when I could not take it anymore, posted about it to the Global Voices blog. Soon after that post, I received emails from around the world confirming the news and offering help. I want, btw, to thank all those who emailed me.

So, it was a mistake, they realized their mistake, and they unblocked Blogger. I did not expect them to respond this fast, but for me, it was not only about the blockage; it was about making a stand for Saudi bloggers, making ourselves heard. I wanted to let them know that they cannot shut us, and they cannot stop us. This is our freedom, these are our rights, and we will never give them up.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blog Fever.. Two Brand Spanking New Saudi Blogs

Well, looks like Saudis have been bitten by the blogging bug as of late. The Saudi blogosphere is getting more fun and diverse than its ever been.

It highly gratifies me to announce two new Saudi blogs I came across during a blog-surfathon, here's a sneak peek:

1- Riyochic: a 19 yeard old Saudi gal writing from Hicksville, USA, on life, ambitions and more.
"I'm a semi Saudi... Born and raised in good ol riyooo (riyadh for those of you unfamiliar with the colloquialisms of international schools in riyadh) with my saudi mom, moved out to a hicksville midwestern state sometime during middle school to live with my non saudi father ( NOT american!) , moved back to riyadh for end of high school... Unfortunately by then I had lost what little of the Arabic language that I knew.. graduated and came out grudgingly (don't ask.. that's a whooole other blog) to east coast U.S to pursue a medical education...[read more]
Although, I must warn you readers that her blog gets ADDICTIVE. Yes she is in the process of building a career in medicine (ps: Kudos to that, babe) thus is very busy, we'd still very much appreciate it if she keeps it at this rate and updates her ultra-addcitive blog on a regular basis. (please?)

2-Rich Arabs: The idea is pretty creative, I'll give them that much. I am pretty concerned about the stereotype that this blog is feeding, though.
Regardless, it's a very fun blog with a very creative idea. Quite..umm.. entertaining if you ask me.

"Are you a Rich Arab? Are you unsure what to spend your money on this month? Then this community is for you! You can join this ever growing community by.."[read more]