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Sunday, October 16, 2005

So many blogs, so little time..

I don't have the time to write reviews about each and every new Saudi blog, especially since we've come upon a whole lot over the weekend, so I'll just briefly mention the new additions instead. I will describe it using just one word:

Green Tea: comforting.

Ahmed: youthful, fervent.

Raed's Falsafat Bedoun Salfah: DOWN RIGHT HILARIOUS...(highly recommend it)

Serendipity: promising

SSDD: girlie, very cute.

Yousef Rabbah's Weblog: sophisticated

7nish Kblish: sincere, sometimes hysterical.. ;-)

Independent Thoughts: refreshingly informative.

The Perfect Body: Facts, Myths, and a Can of Tuna: educational... (warning, may be depressing to some.)

Unconcious Logic: witty.

At Random: creative, funny (randomleh yet ratha routinleh?) lol.

Facts and Ideas: entertaining.

UPDATE: The Voices of My Head: adorable, witty.