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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blog Fever.. Two Brand Spanking New Saudi Blogs

Well, looks like Saudis have been bitten by the blogging bug as of late. The Saudi blogosphere is getting more fun and diverse than its ever been.

It highly gratifies me to announce two new Saudi blogs I came across during a blog-surfathon, here's a sneak peek:

1- Riyochic: a 19 yeard old Saudi gal writing from Hicksville, USA, on life, ambitions and more.
"I'm a semi Saudi... Born and raised in good ol riyooo (riyadh for those of you unfamiliar with the colloquialisms of international schools in riyadh) with my saudi mom, moved out to a hicksville midwestern state sometime during middle school to live with my non saudi father ( NOT american!) , moved back to riyadh for end of high school... Unfortunately by then I had lost what little of the Arabic language that I knew.. graduated and came out grudgingly (don't ask.. that's a whooole other blog) to east coast U.S to pursue a medical education...[read more]
Although, I must warn you readers that her blog gets ADDICTIVE. Yes she is in the process of building a career in medicine (ps: Kudos to that, babe) thus is very busy, we'd still very much appreciate it if she keeps it at this rate and updates her ultra-addcitive blog on a regular basis. (please?)

2-Rich Arabs: The idea is pretty creative, I'll give them that much. I am pretty concerned about the stereotype that this blog is feeding, though.
Regardless, it's a very fun blog with a very creative idea. Quite..umm.. entertaining if you ask me.

"Are you a Rich Arab? Are you unsure what to spend your money on this month? Then this community is for you! You can join this ever growing community by.."[read more]